This foreign born permanent A list model/cell phone thrower thinks she is going to lose jobs because she was neck deep with the pedophile.

So far, no one seems to care, but she is freaked out anyway.

I wonder how often she was a third like the Madam.

Naomi Campbell

Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell

Naomi Campbell Slams Mail On Sunday Article As ‘Distorted’ That Ties Her To Jeffrey Epstein And Harvey Weinstein

Last week, the Mail on Sunday ran a story that said that Naomi Campbell was close with a number of questionable characters.

The list included that of Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Mike Tyson in the article titled “Naomi’s Very Rum Chums”.

The supermodel slammed the paper on her YouTube channel calling the report “distorted”.

“This is a direct character assassination and it belongs in an Orwell book,” Campbell said in the five-minute video. She added that throughout her career she has “rubbed shoulders with hundreds of thousands of people”.

“I find it extraordinary that of all the hundreds of thousands of people that I’ve stood next to take pictures with at a public event they’ve only chosen these few,” she said.

The icon then went on, “it’s going to be very difficult to be photographed at public events because you’re going to be thinking, ‘If you do take a picture, it’s going to be taken out of context and used in a negative way.’”

Campbell came under fire last week when it was revealed she flew on the private jet of Epstein. – Source

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