This foreign born permanent A list model wore the dress to make a point to others who are thinking of crossing her or ratting her out.

It is for reasons like that she has made it a habit to sleep with many of those arms dealers/thugs that she was introduced to by the billionaire pedophile.

Naomi Campbell

Billionaire pedophile: Jeffery Epstein

Designer Mowalola Ogunlesi Explained Her Intentions with Naomi Campbell’s Bullet Hole Dress

Naomi Campbell isn’t afraid to speak her mind or use fashion to make a statement. The legendary model has consistently called out racial injustices occurring in the fashion industry, and during her latest appearance, she attempted to help convey an important message about violence.

During London Fashion Week, Naomi was photographed wearing an all-white gown that featured a hole meant to look like a gunshot wound, Dazed reported. The dress — designed by Mowalola Ogunlesi — included a smattering of red that was made to look like blood.

Following the event, Mowalola explained the design, writing on Instagram, “I make clothes to challenge people’s minds. This gown is from my collection ‘Coming For Blood’ – a delving into the horrific feeling of falling in love. This dress is extremely emotional to me – it screams my lived experience as a black person. It shows no matter how well dressed you are or well behaved, we are time after time, seen as a walking target. I’m in a privileged position to be able to speak on issues that others would be silenced on. Inequality is still rife and newspapers clawing at my work is testament to that.” – Source

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