24 May, 2023

Grifting Grifters

Our shady celebrity threatened to go to the police and give them what he knows about the death and how a YouTube channel was complicit, unless he gets a piece of the rehab action.

24 Apr, 2022

She has variety of excuses

This alliterate former A list mostly movie actress does not leave tips on a fairly regular basis and has a variety of excuses from someone else paid the bill or she thought she was comped including tip to not having enough cash on her.

21 Apr, 2022

She said she couldn’t get pregnant

For at least a decade, the alliterate former A- list actress/e.s.c.o.r.t told people that because of some procedures, she couldn't get pregnant, so this would be remarkable if she is.

6 Feb, 2022

Scamming even more people

She doesn't care what it is as long as the check clears. Well, certain things it is cash only, but for this one she probably took a check.