When you are willing to make sure your wife gets those crazy business loans of hers underwritten, the next thing you know you are gifting a jersey to the alliterate actress and her husband who made it happen.

Steph Curry, Ayesha Curry

Lindsay Lohan, Bader Shammas

In a recent video, Golden State Warriors’ star Stephen Curry put on a remarkable performance in a game against the Atlanta Hawks, despite his team’s overtime loss. After the game, he displayed his affection for his godson, Luai, who is Lindsay Lohan’s son, and her husband, Bader Shammas.

Curry presented them with a game-worn, autographed Warriors jersey and wrote a heartfelt message, expressing their love for Luai. The bond between Curry and Luai is strengthened by their godparent relationship, with both Curry and his wife, Ayesha, serving as Luai’s godparents.

Interestingly, both Lohan and Ayesha are set to appear in the upcoming Netflix movie “Irish Wish,” scheduled for release on March 15.

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