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October 7, 2020

Marriage is on the edge.

Despite what she might say, this west coast Housewife's marriage is on the edge because of her husband's affair.
October 3, 2020

She would do anything for him

This Housewife "friend" was the person offered up by a Los Angeles mobster back in the day when he needed someone for a threesome. She would do anything for him because he provided her coke for free and she was a huge addict.
July 14, 2020

Can’t wait to see the story line

Can't wait to see the story line where the Housewife thinks her husband is cheating with the former naked celebrity turned reality star.
February 20, 2020

It was embarrassing and awkward for all those involved

This west coast Housewife hosted an event and no one came. It was embarrassing and awkward for all those involved, especially since she got paid quite a bit of money to host it.
September 1, 2019

They are not speaking to each other

The feud between these two A- list reality siblings has reached new levels that apparently includes them not speaking to each other.
July 26, 2019

She was talked out of publishing it by a family member

This former back in the day A- list teen actress had someone write down all of the horrors that befell her courtesy of the men her mom forced her to be with to land parts to feed the family. She was talked out of publishing it by a family member who wants the world to think she got all her parts by hard work and not her sister on her back.
October 28, 2018

3 AMAs

This foreign born former reality star/celebrity offspring of a permanent A lister was knee deep in coke at a party last night. The always judgy celebrity thinks it is fine for her but will say how others shouldn't do it. / An interesting story being shared last night by this west coast Housewife. Apparently, despite the jinx effect, she was going to get a second season. / This winning rapper has decided to start a feud she thinks she can win with the singer I like to refer to as a kind of mall pharmacy.
October 5, 2018

The layer of the stinking onion are just now coming to light

This B+ list reality star from multiple shows on the same network loves to show off his very expensive lifestyle and his more famous reality wife is the same way. He isn't showing it, but the B+ lister might have to sell off a significant part of his company to stay afloat because of some very shady deals he has pulled off.
August 15, 2018

Almost three decades ago it was a nightly thing for the pair who all of you know.

This A list reality star who controls an empire at this point still found time for wine and cocaine the other night to celebrate a new endeavor with a very old friend who is also a reality star. Almost three decades ago it was a nightly thing for the pair who all of you know.
December 3, 2016

Pristine facade remains intact

This reality wife’s marriage might look like perfection — but the wedded bliss came at a price. Her husband was busted cheating with a co-worker, and the scandalous discovery was met by a scheme to cover the dirty deed. The wife has an image to protect, so her cheating husband cracked open his wallet to pay for his mistake.
April 7, 2014

What was in the envelope?

This Real Housewife (Not Miami or Atlanta, because no one cares) finally got confirmation of her husband's long rumored wandering peen. Once she had the proof, ever the dutiful wife, she packed up his clothes, after shredding them to ribbons, of course. Then had a messenger bring her husband an envelope where he was working. What was in the envelope? I patch of leather she carved out of the seat of his most prized car and a note that she knew, and it was over.
April 6, 2014

She had to be carried back to the suite she was sharing with her parents

This daughter of more famous than usual west coast Real Housewives parents had to be carried back to the suite she was sharing with her parents by security after she was found passed out in the corner of a bar in the hotel. The front of her dress was covered in puke.
December 16, 2013

Her only condition is that he doesn’t get caught

This B list reality star says that she loves that her husband has a mistress because she hates having sex. Apparently she considers it a chore and her husband considers it a daily need. Her only condition is that he doesn't get caught. My guess is that he will be caught because he tends to focus his affections on women who work for him. Never a good move.
July 20, 2013

What bag to carry

This Real Housewife spent one hour deciding what bag to carry for her television appearance yesterday. She brought 14 bags with her in the car and debated which one would make her look better and if any of them would end up making her money. Probably should have been more focused on other things like who her husband was having sex with the night before the television appearance.