30 12, 2020

Don’t forget the root of all your fame

It is next level shove it in their faceness/let them eat cake, when this now former A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig shows off pricey bauble after pricey bauble on their social media during a pandemic and at the end of each post wants you to swipe a link so they can get even more. Don't forget the root of all your fame is because your older sibling made a se.x tape with the son of the woman she had stolen a credit card from and charged over six figures.

28 10, 2020

Still waiting on the receipts

Still waiting on the receipts that the alliterate reality star really donated $1M like she said she would do. She had no problem spending that on her trip.

21 09, 2020

There would be a very good chance of another suicide attempt.

The planted story in Kneepads does mean the marriage is in trouble. The thing is though, if there is a split, there will be hundreds of Tweets exposing the reality family for everything under the sun and you can't put that back in the closet. Every last secret. Plus, with recent events, I think there would be a very good chance of another suicide attempt.

14 09, 2020

She has pulled back

This cable news host/panelist had been having an affair with the married A+/A list reality star, but she has pulled back because of current events.

15 08, 2020

2 blinds in a row

I'm not sure the A list reality star actually understands who owns the catalog of the former A+ list rapper. The parts that were available to sell are actually being held as collateral or already sold to the permanent A+ list rapper. / This foreign born permanent A list model/producer/host doesn't want to be another love loser so is letting her significant other do what he wants. She just doesn't want him to get caught.

7 08, 2020

Just to get something on film

The only reason the alliterate A list reality star went to see her husband was to get something on film to use for the seasons which is being shot now.

30 07, 2020

They wanted electroshock therapy

Several years ago, this celebrity was placed in a mental hospital. Certain people in the life of the celebrity wanted electroshock therapy used. They argued for it. They ultimately lost their argument.