27 01, 2022

Technically there is no second tape.

It was all in one and certain extreme acts were removed. So, yes, the alliterate reality star is correct, but her A list ex also knows what those scenes contain and could make things very uncomfortable should he describe them for the world. It has been discussed before, but coming from the ex would just give it much more attention.

23 01, 2022

He has zero say on any decisions when it comes to parenting

I haven't heard there was a complete surrender of parental rights, but I do know this A+ list rapper has zero say on any decisions when it comes to parenting or any deals made by his ex on behalf of the children and it is not something that can be revisited down the line.

12 01, 2022

3 blinds in a row

This one named former A/A- list singer solo and in a group is strung out on drugs again. / This former A+ list rapper who with a new headlining gig, might get that A+ list back, talks a lot about being a great parent, but hasn't spoken to any of his children in weeks. / This foreign born A- list model who is a really bad actress has got the A- list singer/bad actress using coke again. That is never good.

8 01, 2022

She insists his other relationship isn’t real

This former A list tween star turned A- list adult singer isn't even trying to be discreet about sleeping with the late night actor multiple times over the past several weeks in several different cities. She insists his other relationship isn't real because she wouldn't be hooking up with him if the relationship was real.

5 01, 2022

Photoshopping kids into park pictures

Maybe next time, this A list reality star could spend some time with her kids and actually take them to Disneyland rather than photoshopping them into park pictures to make it seem like they went.

21 11, 2021

Law school still? Divorce? Look at this shiny new object.

No matter how many times the reality family sandbags the public with lies/mistruths/falsehoods/publicity stunts and so much more, everyone seems to readily accept the latest stunt shoved down their throats. Tragedy? What tragedy? Law school still? What law school? Divorce? What divorce? Look at this shiny new object.

2 11, 2021

She is hiding her boyfriend.

This alliterate A list reality star is hiding her boyfriend. It isn't so much that she doesn't want the public to know, she just doesn't want her ex to discover it, because then he will maybe say/do things she doesn't want him to until after everything is settled.

11 10, 2021

The cast and crew have been annoyed this week

The cast and crew have been annoyed this week that it takes often as long as two hours for this alliterate reality star to get out of the makeup an clothes she wore solely to get photographed in on the way to the set, and then get into makeup and clothing for rehearsals.