20 Jan, 2023

They have the palle

Oh wow!! He said: “My heart is very full toward the Museum of Cinema for having had the “palle” (balls) to invite me tonight,”

8 Dec, 2022

3 blinds in a row

3 blinds in a row: My guess is he will keep it to himself. / She is set to make a comeback. / It was before landing a life changing role

6 Nov, 2022

The award

How many actors or actresses can you name who you could agree deserve some type of lifetime achievement award.

19 Apr, 2022

He has been trashing one of his victims

This disgraced actor who used to be a dual threat A lister has been trashing one of his victims to anyone who will listen and said that if the victim wanted a big role, all he has to do is forget it ever happened.

20 Jun, 2021

He will silence that accuser

This disgraced actor is in settlement talks with the last of his many accusers. He will silence that accuser and then be done with everything as it never happened.