6 04, 2021

She wants no part of him.

To show the world that everything is OK between them, this A list singer/bad actor wants to do a song or two with the alliterate permanent A list singer. She said no. Actually it was much stronger than that. She wants no part of him. Now, his manager is shading her which is why she said no in the first place.

4 03, 2021

3 blind items in a row

As part of a side deal, the ginger haired one had to agree to not exploit images of family members for any profit ventures or ventures that appeared to be for profit. / While the alliterate permanent A list singer deserves our support in a lot of battles, let us also not forget the time she tried an end around to get control of the estate of her brother and leave his kids in the dust. / This A list mostly movie actor comes from an acting family and is an Oscar winner/nominee. Considering he can't stop the human trafficking in his own family, it is interesting hearing him marketing himself as an expert on the subject.

9 02, 2020

Finally she came to her senses!

Speaking of the icon from the previous BI, apparently she confirmed in that same conversation that she has indeed pulled out of a project that was to be produced by that one-named host/mogul for obvious reasons. Finally she came to her senses!

14 09, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This alliterate permanent A list singer who is not even the biggest in her family has always said she hated this permanent A++ list celebrity, so I'm not sure why she would agree to work with her. That seems really odd. / At a recent concert, everyone had quite the laugh watching the foreign born A- list actress try to pretend she knew any words to any of the songs by her husband. / Apparently Bel Air was not considered "young enough" for the alliterate former actress turned A list celebrity which is why she has focused her search on Malibu.

7 08, 2019

Maybe she’ll self publish the book, but the amount of shocking detail in it may keep it from seeing the light of day.

What B-list singer/songwriter/celeb spawn of an A+++ lister has been having trouble getting her memoirs published for the last decade or so? It's a roman a clef, so names are changed. The reason why many publishing houses refuse to publish it is because she reveals that the mogul/enabler of that disgraced director raped someone very close to the singer when that person was underage.

6 08, 2019

She thought it was solidarity and all that.

The foreign born former A list rapper now realizes she was tricked by varying forces to abandon a show in a foreign country. She thought it was solidarity and all that. Instead, now she watches as others go in and collect the checks and laugh at her.

7 06, 2019

She had been taking notes back in the day

You can tell that the permanent A list "singer" had been taking notes back in the day when we used to talk all the time and I would tell her all about the permanent A list alliterate singer and the secret child.