This A list alliterate singer has double her regular security right now after receiving multiple threats to her life from an ex.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Sued Over Alleged $200k Debt To Ex-Business Managers, Singer’s Lawyer Fires Back

UPDATE (1/7) – Jackson’s powerhouse lawyer, Ronald Richards, tells, “We have been working with a distant former manager who referred a bill to collections that was resolved years ago due some errors that were made with Mr. Jackson’s account. If the case was assigned for collections and they are suing as the assignee, they will be in for a big surprise as the claim is past the statute of limitations and was resolved years ago before the firm was bought out.

He added, “We will vigorously defend the action and bring a cross-complaint against the actual management firm. This will backfire on them if they actually filed a complaint. Many times, when parties have weak claims, they assign them to collection to avoid the legal fee expense.”

“This looks like one of those cases as they were talking to me recently and when they couldn’t respond to my inquiries and questions, it looks like they gave up and sent it to collections,” Richards said before adding, “Janet Jackson pays all of her vendors and holds them to a high standard of care. She will not pay for managers that do not perform according to the contract or have charged her for fees improperly.”

Janet Jackson has been slapped with legal papers after she allegedly failed to pay hundreds of thousands owed to her former business managers, has learned. – Source

Who is Wissam Al Mana?

Born in Qatar’s capital Doha and worth an ­estimated $1billlion (£934million,) Wissam, known as Sam, is executive director of family business the Al Mana Group.

The sprawling conglomerate is made up of 55 companies — including one that owns all the McDonald’s outlets in Qatar — and was started by his late father, ­merchant Saleh Al Hamad Al Mana.

Wissam, who runs the company with his two brothers, is responsible for overseeing retail operations in the Middle East for luxury brands including Harvey Nichols, Hermes, Stella McCartney and Armani.

His family moved to West London when he was two years old. He then attended university in Washington, and later returned to the UK to study at the London School of Economics. – Source

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