2 12, 2020

Repost: He Too – Old Hollywood – LONG READ

This beloved deceased permanent A list male star was one of the biggest predators in Hollywood. We'll call him Mr. R. Every female he worked with experienced some kind of predatory or inappropriate behavior from this person. Because of the times and his power in the industry, it was impossible back in those days to stop him. At least half a dozen actresses were alleged to have been assaulted, and there are probably more that did not share their experiences with anyone out of fear.

15 11, 2020

The actress asked her rude costar where he came up with the rumors.

Whenever you asked this now deceased A/B-list actress and entertainer who her least favorite costar was, she would say it was this A/B-list actor who was married to one of the original scream queens. On the first of the two films they made together, he confronted her about rumors that she was a lesbian and was having sex with this renowned character actress famous for playing a mother in law on a classic TV show.

17 03, 2019

He just couldn’t/wouldn’t.

This B+ list mostly television actress is the offspring of someone she will never eclipse on the fame ladder. She was also wasted on pills last night at an event and talking about how she tried every night for a year to get this closeted actor all of you know to have sex with her, but he just couldn't/wouldn't.

3 11, 2017

She needs to run away now.

This B+ list mostly television actress doesn't have the last name but she is the offspring of several levels of celebrity from people much more famous than she.