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Old Hollywood

Whenever you asked this now deceased A/B-list actress and entertainer who her least favorite costar was, she would say it was this A/B-list actor who was married to one of the original scream queens.

On the first of the two films they made together, he confronted her about rumors that she was a lesbian and was having sex with this renowned character actress famous for playing a mother in law on a classic TV show. Our actress wasn’t a lesbian, but had definitely dabbled in having sex with other women, just not the aforementioned character actress who was one of her closest friends.

The actress asked her rude costar where he came up with the rumors.

He replied that he didn’t make up the rumor, her ex husband did because “she was a lousy lay in the sack”.

The actress, now furious, yelled back at him “tell *insert ex husband name* I was a lousy lay because he has a tiny prick!”

That shut her costar up.

A/B- list actress and entertainer/ex-husband: Debbie Reynolds, Eddie Fisher

A/B list actor/original scream queen: Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh

Renowned character actress: Agnes Moorehead – Bewitched

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