The individual is part of a former C list reality show family that still has a cult following, even though their show is long defunct.

This adult offspring from the family was essentially disowned by the family after addiction issues and allegations of s.e..xual assaults.

This individual is now attempting to rehab their image with social media channels documenting their “sober lifestyle” in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest.

This individual has no source of income and uses the social media accounts to generate income with lowkey money begging.

A reliable source claims this individual regularly has women visiting them from all over the world, who are of course also providing money.

Whenever subscribers to these social media channels attempt to call this individual out on their money begs, they are immediately blocked. There’s one single mother in particular who has been ensnared in this individual’s grift.

They are very lonely, wealthy and have visited this individual several times.

That single Mom has reportedly decided to sell everything they own to move nearer to this individual so they can have a relationship.

There is concern about the former allegations of s..e.x..ual assaults, considering the single Mom has children.

No doubt reality show dude will try to help themselves to the single Mom’s cash.

The town near where this former reality star lives is small, and people there are talking about what’s going on.

Reality show dude seems to forget that in small towns, everyone knows everybody’s business.

This town is no exception. A lot of the people there also don’t appreciate the social media attention this person has brought to their remote area either.

Matt Brown

Alaskan Bush People

Remote part of the Pacific Northwest: Okanogan County, Washington

Matt, a former reality star, faced substance abuse issues and entered rehab for alcohol addiction in 2016.

He later entered rehab again due to allegations of s..e.x..ual assault in 2018. Matt made shocking allegations on Instagram, accusing the production of “Alaskan Bush People” of misrepresenting his family’s lifestyle on the show, providing drugs, and mishandling finances.

He claimed the show contributed to his struggles and alleged that his family kept over $300,000 from him.

Discovery, the network that aired the show, has not yet responded to these allegations.

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