In order to give the story an edge, this producer/long time manager needed a villain, even if it was just a documentary.

Enter someone who isn’t around any longer to defend herself.

I think what the producer/manager didn’t count on was all the dirt this former A list singer has on the producer/manager.

Should be some interesting fireworks this summer.

Whitney Houston molested by her cousin – Dionne Warwick’s sister Dee Dee Warwick

Whitney Houston’s Dark Family Secret Uncovered in New Documentary

“There was something very disturbed about her, because she was never comfortable in her own skin,” Macdonald told Vanity Fair on Wednesday. “She seemed kind of asexual in a strange way. She was a beautiful woman, but she was never particularly sexy. I’ve seen and done some filming with people who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, and there was just something about her manner that was reminiscent to me of that sort of shrinking—a lack of comfort in her own physicality that felt, maybe that is what it was.” Macdonald wasn’t positive that his hunch was right—but “shortly after thinking that, someone did tell me off the record about being told by Whitney about being abused, and it being one of the central reasons behind her self-torture. It took awhile for anyone to go on record about it, and eventually the family did.”

The bombshell is dropped about three-quarters of the way through Whitney—that both Houston and her half-brother, Gary, were allegedly molested as children by their cousin Dee Dee Warwick, the sister of Dionne Warwick and the niece of Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, who died in 2008. Dee Dee and Dionne performed together as the Gospelaires in the 1950s and 1960s, sometimes singing with Cissy’s gospel group, the Drinkard Singers. Dee Dee went on to sing backup for Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett, and be nominated for two Grammy Awards. Cissy also sang backup for Franklin, in addition to Elvis Presley. When she was on tour, Cissy left Whitney, Gary, and their brother Michael for extended periods of time with relatives.- Source

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