This celebrity is not about to go away quietly where her failing marriage to this mostly television actor is concerned. It’s over, but she’s going to save face if it’s the last thing she does. He’s up for three major roles, and his agent has been clear that ending the marriage is the only way to get these jobs, as his soon to be ex is the reason for his dry spell as far as employment goes. She has vowed to bury him. This is where living her life in front of camera comes in handy. She’s got hours upon hours of him partying and putting all sorts of things up his nose. She’s already told him that it’s on like Donkey Kong now, and he can expect the producers of these shows to get the first highlight reel. The press will get the second reel. The one where he’s high as a kite and trying to egg the celebrity into doing very compromising things with other people. You thought that movie “War of the Roses” was bad? Wait til these things start getting ugly. She’s on tape too. Doing much, much, worse. It’s about to go nuclear.

Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes


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