Speaking of pics or it didn’t happen, the permanent A list “singer” has not gone topless at her hotel pool of choice for years.

There are always dozens of people at the pool.

Do you really think no one at the pool would have taken a photo of the singer topless?

Britney Spears

LA – Four Seasons

Pop superstar Britney Spears has reportedly found herself on the outs with the famed Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. The five-star establishment, a frequent choice for celebrities and travelers seeking luxury, has allegedly banned Spears after guests complained about her behavior by the poolside.

Britney Spears, who owns a $14 million mansion in Thousand Oaks just minutes away from the hotel, had been a longtime guest at the Four Seasons. She even spent her wedding night at this exclusive hotel with her best friend and manager, Cade Hudson, instead of her former partner, Sam Asghari.

The renowned hotel, known for its family-friendly ambiance and luxurious amenities, appeared to be a favorite retreat for the pop icon. Britney was often seen booking into the spa and beauty facilities, taking advantage of the indoor pool and the range of massage and beauty treatments available to guests.

However, recent reports suggest that Spears’ frequent visits have not been without controversy. Insiders have disclosed that over the past year, Britney Spears has faced a rollercoaster relationship with the hotel. She was reportedly banned, then unbanned, only to find herself banned again.

The reason behind this apparent fallout stems from complaints by other hotel guests who felt uncomfortable due to Spears’ alleged topless appearances by the pool. Witnesses claim that her behavior has been erratic and disruptive, causing annoyance among some of the hotel’s patrons.

While these claims have made headlines, Britney Spears’ representative has categorically denied the allegations, asserting that they are “not true.” However, the Four Seasons Hotel has yet to publicly comment on the situation, maintaining a silence that has fueled further speculation.

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