This A list YouTube star who teaches classes on how to marry a rich man and other tips to get rich, is broke.

SheRa Seven
is an online influencer who specializes in advising women over 25 on how to attract and date wealthy men

SHERA Seven is an online personality, influencer, and author who focuses on advising women, primarily over the age of 25, on how to attract and date wealthy men. Her approach involves using various strategies, including reverse psychology and deceit, to make affluent men want to date them.

She encourages her followers to ensure that these men cover all their household expenses, and she refers to men without substantial financial resources as “dusties,” whom women should avoid.

Seven’s guidance emphasizes concealing any insecurities and being confident in the relationship.

For instance, if a man you’re dating is unavailable on the phone, SheRa suggests pretending you needed assistance with a flat tire from another man because he wasn’t available. She also argues that women shouldn’t engage in domestic chores like cooking and cleaning in exchange for financial support, as wealthy men can afford to hire help for such tasks. Instead, she advocates for women to focus on being adored and maintaining their best appearance.

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