During the Oscars, every limousine in the Los Angeles area is busy.

One limo driver had a situation with his passenger last night, though, and had to call into his company to figure out what to do.

The passenger was a well-known actress, her significant other, and a couple of unknown guests.

The driver reported that the pickup and the ride went fine, and that the passengers appeared to be enjoying themselves.

After he dropped them off, though, he had found that they had left a little something behind.

It was a small plastic baggie of cocaine.

The driver immediately called back to the limo company in a panic.

Should they call the passenger and tell her that she left something in the car?

Should he throw it away so he wouldn’t get arrested if he got pulled over or if the car got searched for some reason?

Should he leave it there and pretend not to know anything?

They decided he should simply hold on to the package until the end of the night and put it back on seat exactly where he had found it.

The actress spotted it immediately when she got back into the car.

She picked it up and excitedly yelled “Holy shit! Here it is!”

She always has been rather energetic.

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult
Kristin Chenoweth, Dana Brunetti

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