The alliterate one told the exact same story almost a decade ago about a different boyfriend she was dating at the time.

She is becoming very Ryan Reynolds with her story telling.

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle’s ‘Ellen’ interview was the complete opposite of her Oprah sitdown — boring by design

On Thursday, the Sussex’s attempt to remain as low-key as possible continued with Meghan’s surprise interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” her first American talk-show appearance in years. The show broke the news Wednesday morning and released a couple clips leading up to her appearance. But given that the teasers — which usually have something juicy — included Meghan sharing anecdotes about driving a beat-up car to years of auditions on the Warner Bros. lot, and how her kids didn’t really like Halloween this year, it was apparent that this interview might be a bit dull.

Indeed it was. And that is far from an insult, because this could be exactly what Meghan is going for: After years of being dragged by the tabloids and British media, she just wants to show that she’s as normal as it gets. Choosing DeGeneres’s show — and ignoring all of the upsetting headlines about DeGeneres and allegations of her show’s “toxic” work environment, leading to the firing of three producers — honors a basic Hollywood practice. If you’re a celebrity who is friends with a fellow star, it’s commonplace to ignore all criticism of them and proceed as usual. – Source

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