This former A- list singer in a group where she was the only real singer, but not the only one who slept with people for money is ticked off because a producer she recently slept with was supposed to get her a big part in a movie, but he ghosted her.

Nicole Scherzinger

The Pussycat Dolls

Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt says she hopes ‘drama’ surrounding Nicole Scherzinger’s lawsuit goes away ahead of reunion tour

Pussycat Dolls star Kimberley Wyatt has said that she hopes the “drama” currently surrounding the band’s reunion tour gets resolved, so that she can “go and live the dream” on stage.

The pop group’s founder Robin Antin is suing lead singer Nicole Scherzinger over claims she wanted “complete creative control” on the reunion tour.

Scherzinger is refusing to be part of the reunion shows as it stands, over the pair’s disagreements.

Bandmate Wyatt told Sky News it was a “tricky situation” but that the group wants to get back on stage.

“I hate that this situation is happening, but I’m just going to stay optimistic,” she said.

“Nobody’s told me anything but the fact that we are going to be on tour September of next year, so I’m going to stay optimistic about that and sort of lay my heart into it because I’ve done everything I can to get this band back together.

“We just started and so I’m just going to continue to believe that we will figure it out, make it happen and be back on stage next year.

“I think we owe it to our fans, we owe it to ourselves – so as much as I have no control over the situation. All I can do is just manifest and hope for the best.”

Wyatt added: “I’m in a tricky situation… this stuff has nothing to do with me.

“It has very much to do with the girls, and just figuring out that ultimately when we get on stage, I want everybody to feel good. – Source

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