22 10, 2021

Producer ghosted her.

This former A- list singer in a group where she was the only real singer, but not the only one who slept with people for money is ticked off because a producer she recently slept with was supposed to get her a big part in a movie, but he ghosted her.

10 12, 2019

She found a willing minor celebrity from a reality show

Whenever you see this former member of an all female singing group turned reality judge with someone less famous/wealthy than her, she is doing it for publicity. With the possibility of a reboot, she wants to keep the light shining on herself, so she found a willing minor celebrity from a reality show.

14 11, 2019

They are reuniting to make a few bucks.

With yachting gigs drying up as they start to get older, this former manufactured group of a lot of changing players, most of whom couldn't really sing, are reuniting to make a few bucks. No word on whether it will be like the old days which a former member said the group was essentially a front for prostitution.

28 08, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This B+ list mostly movie actress who is in a big award winning film this season/model is hooking up with the married to a celebrity head of a company she models for. / This former A- list singer who really has given that up for reality show judging got new breast implants for her wealthy businessman benefactor.

7 06, 2018

I think it is more likely she will end up killed rather than jailed.

I really wanted to call this one full circle, but think I have used that name before. This involves three women and a few men, but it is the way this all came to be which is the most interesting thing. The first woman we will call A. You all know her and she ended up with the job. She was not the first or even the second choice, but in the long run, she has worked out well and looking back, probably the best choice.