You think it was hard to serve the religious leader?

It is even going to be harder to get him to sit for a deposition or to get an answer out of him.

I know it is a s e x trafficking lawsuit, but there is just one question that should be asked until it is answered and that is about his wife.

David Miscavige


Shelly Miscavige

Scientology leader considered legally served in Australian human trafficking case

Scientology’s reclusive leader, David Miscavige, has 21 days to respond to allegations from a human-trafficking case brought by three Australian residents after nearly a year of avoiding legal service.

Gawain Baxter, Laura Baxter and Valeska Paris have claimed in a civil case lodged in Florida that they had endured horrendous emotional, physical and psychological abuse while in Scientology.

Now a US magistrate has ruled that Miscavige had been concealing his whereabouts for nearly a year and declared him officially served in the case.

Miscavige, leader of Scientology since 1986, had been named in the lawsuit filed last April, along with five Scientology-related organisations. He had been the only defendant to not have been served.

The court heard allegations from plaintiff lawyers that Miscavige had evaded service 27 times, including by ordering security at Scientology properties to prevent the summons from being delivered. Miscavige’s lawyers had also refused to accept service for him last month.

The lawsuit, backed by US class-action law firms, is regarded as one of the most significant in decades against Scientology, considered by some critics as a dangerous, money-focused cult.

“For years, David Miscavige has succeeded in evading accountability,” said John Dominguez, partner at Cohen Milstein, and Zahra Dean, attorney at Kohn Swift. “Today’s ruling brings our clients – who are alleged to have endured unimaginable abuses in Scientology as children and into adulthood – one step closer to getting their day in court and obtaining justice against all responsible parties.”

Scientology spokeswoman Karin Pouw said the magistrate’s findings were “erroneous”. – Source

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