The married leader of this “church” got a woman not even old enough to drink, pregnant.

He has got many other women pregnant before, but this is the first he has allowed to stay pregnant.

He wants the baby to be the leader of the church.

He is going to say it is a reincarnation of the founder of the church.

David Miscavige


Leader of the church: L. Ron Hubbard

In a shocking lawsuit, an unnamed woman, known as Jane Doe, who was born into the Church of Scientology, alleges that she was sexually abused by a high-ranking recruiter named Gavin Potter when she was just 16 years old. Jane Doe had been enrolled in the Sea Organization, the church’s operational body, under a “billion-year contract” since the age of 14.

The abuse is said to have occurred in California, where the legal age of consent is 18, making Jane Doe two years below the age of consent when the assaults began. Upon reporting the incidents, Jane Doe claims she was given a choice by the church: either marry Potter or endure five years of harsh labor in a labor camp. She ultimately chose to marry him.

The lawsuit, filed against Potter and the Church of Scientology in the LA County Superior Court in December, reveals allegations that the church actively discouraged members from reporting crimes committed by fellow members to the authorities. It further claims that Potter was used to recruit vulnerable young women into the abusive Sea Organization.

According to Jane Doe, the Church of Scientology considers it a serious offense, known as a “high crime,” to report another member’s illegal activities to the police. However, Scientology officials assert that they abide by local laws and encourage their members to report crimes.

After Jane Doe reported the abuse to the church, which strictly prohibits extramarital relationships among Sea Org members, she was faced with the ultimatum of marrying Potter or enduring a punishing five years of isolation, food deprivation, and strenuous manual labor.

Following their marriage when Jane Doe was 16, she became pregnant with Potter’s child at 19. She eventually managed to escape the church in 1997 at the age of 23 and divorced Potter.

Scientology Leader David Miscavige Appears to Be Missing

David Miscavige, the de facto leader of the Church of Scientology and noted BFF of Tom Cruise has gone M.I.A., it appears. According to TMZ, Miscavige is said to be missing (allegedly!) by attorneys who’ve spent the last four months attempting to reach him.

You might wonder why lawyers would need to reach him so badly. Could it be to discuss the lawsuit against the church by three women who’ve accused Danny Masterson of rape, and say the “Church” stalked and harassed them after they went public with their claims against the actor, who’s a high-ranking member? Nope! Perhaps the suspicions about the whereabouts of his wife, Shelly—a woman who hasn’t been seen in public (The Los Angeles Police Department have maintained they made contact with Shelly in 2014) since 2007—are worth new discussion? No; the attorneys want to serve Miscavige with papers for a child trafficking suit. – Source

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