When you hear about an entertainer with an eating disorder, the entertainer being discussed is usually female. Today, we’re going to tell you about a male performer whose eating disorder is out of control. This entertainer has been in the spotlight for years. He is a funny guy – and has done several films – but he is better known for his work on TV. You’ve probably heard the expression, “The camera adds ten pounds.” Well, a few years ago, our guy saw himself on tape, and decided that he looked fat. Just to be clear, he definitely was not fat in real life. In fact , he was actually quite thin. But he wanted to look “better,” so he dropped a few pounds. Not in a healthy way, either. He simply stopped eating for a few days. His weight then became a perpetual struggle for him, and he is in pretty bad shape right now. His weight is now at an all-time low, his friends are really worried, and they are begging him to get help. If you saw him in person, you would be shocked. He is terribly thin, he has gone from energetic to listless, and his hands are shaking. Nothing funny about that.

Thin Man: Jason Segel

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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