This B-list athlete is usually in the top five of ‘most hated athletes’ list. And this story will probably move him up a couple of notches… Recently, the athlete and his equally despised wife were having appetizers and drinks at a busy casual eating place. They were standing around a high-top bar table with some other people, so it wasn’t like this was a cozy, intimate dinner. This guy doesn’t have a lot of fans, but this person really, truly thinks he and his wife are great. She spotted the couple and went up to them. They all said, “hello” politely enough, and the fan then gushed about how great the couple was and what a big fan she and her family was. She didn’t ask for a photo or an autograph because she thought it would be tacky. What did the athlete say after hearing all of these great things about himself and his wife? “I don’t care,” turned away from the fan, kept eating and talking with his group while his wife snickered. Nice.

Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari


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