This foreign born A- list actor has multiple franchises to his name and has starred in several Oscar winners/nominated films.

There is buzz that he secretly married his partner, but didn’t want his ex to know.

Ioan Gruffudd

Bianca Wallace

Ex: Alice Evans

Alice Evans, known for her role in “102 Dalmatians,” shared an update on Instagram about her dog getting groomed, just days after her ex-husband Ioan Gruffudd announced his engagement.

She posted photos of her dog, Emma, enjoying the grooming session.

Evans expressed gratitude for Emma bringing positivity and love into her daughters’ lives.

Fans praised the dog’s role in their family, and Evans agreed, saying she’s proud of their family.

She hasn’t publicly commented on Gruffudd’s engagement, but in the past, she accused him of having an affair with their ex-friend.

Gruffudd confirmed his relationship with Bianca Wallace in 2021, following Evans’ claims of their marriage troubles.

He filed for divorce two months after Evans’ tweets about their separation.

Puppy’s name is Emma in case you are wondering!

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