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It was a big deal.

It might not seem that way now because the athlete crashed hard pretty fast, but at the time he was A list.

A big star.

He was involved in a very high profile rape case.

This would bring his career down even more quickly than it did.

One of his associates who also was involved in the rape case had been talking to a detective about the case without the athlete’s knowledge. That talk opened up a massive can of worms about not only other victims but also drug dealing and loan sharking.

It was a huge mess.

The person who did the talking had second thoughts about the things he said, realizing he was endangering his own life if any one else found out.

So, he arranged for the detective he spoke with, to end up dead.

Athlete: Terry Garvin
Terry Joyal, better known by his ring name Terry Garvin, was a Canadian professional wrestler. He is best known for his work with kayfabe brother Ron Garvin, with whom he won several tag team championships in the Southern United States.

Ring boy scandal

His associate: Pat Patterson
Pat Patterson is a Canadian–American professional wrestler. He is currently employed by the professional wrestling promotion WWE as a creative consultant and producer.

Ring boy scandal: In the 1990s Garvin was accused of se.xually harassing an underage ring boy, who was fired from his job after refusing Garvin’s advances. He later reached a settlement with the WWF; Garvin, as well as Pat Patterson and ring announcer Mel Phillips, resigned after this incident. WWF owner Vince McMahon was interviewed on Larry King Live regarding the incident; during the broadcast, retired wrestler Barry Orton called in and accused Garvin of se.xually assaulting him in 1978 when he was 19. Orton also accuses Garvin of harming his wrestling career after the se.xual advances were declined; Orton spent most of his life as a jobber, despite being part of a famous wrestling family that included father Bob Orton, brother Bob Orton Jr., and nephew Randy Orton. – Source

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