This C-list television actress is off the wagon again in a big way and has been for a while now.

She’s on her very last chance with her current project, and got that last chance begging for it after they wanted to ax her midway through the season.

She went back to treatment, and had everyone fooled she was sober again.

Until recently when she saw this A-list actor at a restaurant. He’s known as one of the nicest, kindest guys in the business, but she abused him so terribly when they worked together in the past, and tried so hard to make trouble for him when he went to producers with the truth about her problems, he has been very vocal that she’s a con, and she blames him for not being able to work very much.

Upon seeing him, she launched into a drunken tirade that would blow your wig back, which isn’t unusual, she screams at everyone.

The bad thing was, a producer, the one who helped her keep her job was there watching the whole thing go down.

Expect to see her character written out when the new season starts.

C-list actress: Emma Roberts
Current Project: “American Horror Story”
A-list actor: Dwayne Johnson “Empire State”


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