In a way it is really nice of this athletic/entertainment company to let this performer save face by giving an excuse for leaving the company.

On the other hand, maybe if they announced the performer failed another drug test it would help the performer get the help they need.



Paige: The Truth About Whether She’ll Leave The WWE After Devastating Injury

“Paige still is going to be an on camera character and may remain as a manager for the team she was a part of on television so the WWE can continue her storyline,” a source close to the WWE told EXCLUSIVELY. “The WWE is not sure if they want to officially have her retire on TV or just move forward with her and put her into a different role as a potential commentator. But her role is limitless because her mind for the wrestling business is quite amazing. She also may start training and teaching future talent as well. There are so many options how the WWE wants her to continue her career outside the ring and they will pursue everything to see what sticks because they want her around.” See some of Paige’s best photos here.- Source

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