18 02, 2019

They knew about the others in advance.

This studio is marketing this true "athletic" story as a family movie. They are trying their hardest to stop websites from publishing the racist rant videos of the real life subject of the movie. There are also videos of her putting people in black face and of course those other videos with the drugs and the sex, but they are more worried about the racist ones. They knew about the others in advance. Probably.

28 12, 2017

I don’t think she is going to pass a drug test

This foreign born pro "athlete" who has had lots of issues with drugs over the past year says she hates her sex tape but it hasn't stopped her from making several others with men to supplement her income. I don't think she is going to pass a drug test either.

26 10, 2016

She caused a lot of physical harm to him and is VERY lucky not to be in a jail right now.

What happens when you mix a vulnerable, unstable young girl with lots of drugs and booze? Nothing good, so our B-list kinda athlete/kinda entertainer learned recently to his woe. After an all night drugs and alcohol binge, this B-list kinda athlete/kinda reality star FLIPPED out and went crazy on her B-list kinda athlete/kinda entertainer partner. Arguments? Check. Abuse? Double check. Violence? Triple check.