The family of this foreign born A- list singer say he has been putting off marriage for far too long.

Because of some things written about him in the past, more distant relatives have started wondering aloud whether our singer is gay.

In their particular religion this has sometimes led to death.

Our singer is in no hurry to get married.

He has a collection of girlfriends that he rotates through a few months at a time and pays the rent of the others so they will be there for him when he wants.

He likes a very specific type woman.

So, he is not pleased that his family have told him they have found him a bride.

It is the total opposite of what he likes and further complicating things is the girl is just 16.

The girls has her parents’ permission, but no one doing business with the singer or his fans are going to believe that.

If he doesn’t get married though, his entire family will cut him off.

He will probably go through with the marriage and try and keep her a secret for as long as possible.

There is even talk that she would not live with him in the same country, which is somehow acceptable, but not being married is not.

Zayn Malik
Zain Javadd Malik, known professionally as Zayn Malik or simply Zayn, is a British singer. Malik, was born in the UK and his father is a Pakistani immigrant. Malik auditioned as a solo contestant for the British music competition television series The X Factor in 2010.

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