This ugly on-set feud between these two macho movie stars got a lot of coverage a few months ago.

We noted at the time that there was this odd undercurrent of self-promotion that seemed out of place.

The bigger star – who was much more vocal and public about the beef – kept interjecting his account of the feud with promotions for his other projects and products.

Months later, everyone’s moved on, right?


While the smaller actor has moved on from the embarrassing incident, the bigger star is not quite done profiting off of it!

The feud wasn’t just opportunistic.

It was calculated.

It helped to sell the movie.

Although it was over months ago, he will be bringing it up again as [his next project] premieres so people will talk about him.

He is also thinking about working with [rival] again because he knows that it would bring in a huge audience who will be anticipating some sort of friction or fight between the two.

So not only is he going to use the old feud to promote his new project… he is considering dragging the smaller star he supposedly hates into another new project just for the publicity!

The Rock
Vin Diesel


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