Several months ago, a certain a-hole serial rapist finally got fired from a series on an almost-TV network.

You would think that by now, everyone involved can just move on with their lives, right?

Except this a-hole is a prominent member of a cult you all know.

Losing his job meant a lot less money for the cult. The cult keeps stalking his accusers, even now.

The cult wants to deter any more of these situations from happening in the future.

Surveillance cars with expired license plates outside houses for days, tapping of communications, and direct threats – sometimes face to face out of the blue.

When the victims report the stalking to the police, it never seems to go anywhere.


Because the cult spreads a lot of money around the local police department just for this purpose.

Danny Masterson – The Ranch


Apparently there is a new woman in this A- list reality star’s life.

It has been a torrid two weeks so that probably means the “boyfriend” is out the door and a new one will have to be found.

The original plan was for him to stick around a little longer.

Kendall Jenner

Ben Simmons

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