6 02, 2021

Another sham of a PR relationship

The recent reveal of the person this A list NBA player is hooking up with on what he thought was the down low, also shows you the sham of a PR relationship he had with the person who cannot be named in February.

23 05, 2019

Stop the madness.

I warned you this would happen. Not only are the tabloids ignoring the obvious and treating the public like fools by suggesting/implying/hinting/saying it straight out that this A- list reality star and the foreign born former boy bander are dating, now they are dragging into it this athlete who is "jealous." Stop the madness.

26 04, 2019

Love triangle.

They tried this once before and it backfired. So, how do you make someone closeted not appear to be closeted? Spread the rumor that this A- list reality star from a reality family cheated on their "boyfriend" with another guy. Love triangle.

5 01, 2019

At some point, the charade has to end

This closeted A- list reality star gets "caught" with a bunch of pap pictures of her beard and then posts to social media a picture half undressed to make it seem like the two are related. They are not. At some point, the charade has to end.

9 09, 2018

2 blinds in a row

Several months ago, a certain a-hole serial rapist finally got fired from a series on an almost-TV network. You would think that by now, everyone involved can just move on with their lives, right? / Apparently there is a new woman in this A- list reality star's life.

28 08, 2018

It failed spectacularly.

Their ruse failed. It failed spectacularly. When you have family members from the other side exposing how fake the relationship is with the A list reality star and her fake boyfriend, things have gone really wrong. Look for another new entrant soon to this attempt to created what will never be.