He has wisely stopped talking to her about plastic surgery

Want to hear about an interesting fight this couple had just before their break up?

Of course you do!

This handsome actor is equally well-known for films and television.

His wife is a civilian.

They were married for many years before their split.

There was some speculation that they broke up because he was having an affair with this beautiful, wholesome film actress (who had been having marital troubles of her own). The beautiful actress was involved in their split… but not in the way you think!

You see, our actress – who has been friends with the actor for a long time – had some plastic surgery over a year ago.

We’ve told you before about her surgery and how well it turned out.

The wife of the actor also had some plastic surgery done.

Hers didn’t turn out so well.

The husband thought that she should have it fixed.

So, after raving on and on about how gorgeous and natural the actress looked, he told his wife that she needed to go to the actress’ plastic surgeon.

Uh oh. FIGHT! Break up.

That was about a year ago.

The actor and his wife are getting along again, but he has wisely stopped talking to her about plastic surgery… and about the actress!

Patrick Dempsey (wife: Jillian Fink)
Jennifer Garner

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