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May 16, 2016
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May 17, 2016

He wanted her out, so she’s out. Simple as that

For those of you who thought that the dismissal of a certain TV star didn’t make any sense, this should provide some insight!

[The Show’s Creator] is the one who kept everything together all these years.

Even though he knew [Lead Actor] hated [Lead Actress], [Creator] was in charge and he always did what was right for the show.

He knew that putting [the lead characters] together as a couple worked as a story line and he kept everybody in line professionally and didn’t allow their petty personal bullsh*t get in the way.

As soon as [Creator] left, that’s when the trouble started.

[Lead Actor] felt like this was now HIS show, and he told the producers that he wanted to move it in a different direction.

Of course that meant dumping [Lead Actress]!

All that crap they’re putting out about how it was a budget decision and how much she will be missed, etc.?

Ha ha ha ha! Total bulls*t!

[Lead Actor] hated her, he wanted her out, so she’s out.

Simple as that.

Yeah, he’s just shot himself in the foot… and f*cked over the entire cast and crew… and probably killed the entire show… but he thinks he’s won!

Sounds like a hollow-point victory to us!

Nathan Fillion
TV Series: Castle


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