Even their friends can’t figure out what they are doing

This young actor from a hit film franchise and this TV actress are constantly being photographed together as if they are a romantic couple.

However, even their friends can’t figure out what they are doing!

They are definitely friends, and a few months ago they were just playing as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend for the publicity.

It was kind of funny for a while, but now it’s just getting really strange.

They are acting like boyfriend and girlfriend all the time now, and not just for the cameras.


He’s not bisexual!

He is gay!

She knows he’s gay!

He knows he’s gay!

We don’t understand what’s going on.

While people on the outside are like, “Oh, isn’t he great being so supportive of her in her difficult time,” some of us who actually know them feel like he is taking advantage of her now.

He’s taken over and is spending every minute with her.

She’s really sad, and even though we try to be there for her, she’s like, “Oh, [he’s] here and he’s going to sleep over, so you don’t have to come over.”

They are even sleeping in the same bed together!

That’s not right.

Maybe she is just desperate not to be alone and wants someone to love her but we don’t get what he’s doing and we don’t trust him any more.

Adult friends of the opposite sex sleeping in the same bed together?

That’s… different.

Billie Lourd
Taylor Lautner

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