If I asked you who killed their career the hardest during this back in the day primetime network hit you would guess this actress.


You would be wrong though.

Oh, she did her fair share of things and displayed some truly awful behavior and impressive drug use. But, it pales in comparison to what her co-star managed to accomplish.

Her co-star was already on double secret producer probation after basically trashing her former hit show and walking away from it while signed to a contract.

Her departure crushed the show.

When I say someone does coke 24/7, it is usually an exaggeration.

Not this actress.

When she was awake, she was snorting.

Paycheck after paycheck went to coke.

She partied every single night.

This was one of the biggest shows on the air.

She was in demand.

There was nothing she couldn’t ask for and she did.

And did.

And did.

She was a nightmare.

One of the biggest shows of the decade and she was fired and had to watch someone replace her, playing the same character and cashing all those huge paychecks.

Did our actress work again?

A handful of one off things, but nothing else.

Actress who killed their career hardest: Catherine Oxenberg
Co-star: Pamela Sue Martin
Replacement: Emma Samms
Former hit show: The Nancy Drew Mysteries

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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