Because roaches never really go away, the cameras were front and center when the celebrity offspring of an A+ lister left a yoga class because the celebrity offspring of not A+ listers was also there.

They share the fact they both have slept with a too old for them alcoholic reality star just to increase their fame.

Sofia Richie

Amelia Hamlin

Scott Disick


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Sofia Richie *Allegedly* Ditched Her Pilates Class to Avoid Seeing Amelia Hamlin

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie broke up a minute ago, and Sofia’s been spending her time being chill/private, while he’s busy spilling tea on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sofia’s moved on to a new relationship with Elliot Grainge, but apparently, things are slightly awkward between her and Scott’s new girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin.

According to E! News, Sofia had a near run-in with Amelia at Pilates on Wednesday, April 21, and a source says Sofia ditched the class once she realized Amelia was in it (note: Amelia wasn’t there yet).

“It was a very awkward situation for Sofia and she didn’t know Amelia was also going to be taking class at the same time,” the source explains. “She just wanted to avoid the situation altogether so that’s why she left. Sofia has been going to Forma Pilates longer than Amelia and didn’t think they would have any run-in issues.”

According to a previous E! source, Sofia and Amelia used to run “in the same circles” but “weren’t super close” and there were “no hard feelings” when Amelia started dating Scott. That said, “it would have been extremely awkward if they saw each other” at Pilates. – Source

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