Their breakup was no surprise, but what has happened since is ugly! She is getting revenge! We already told you that this celebrity relationship was over months ago, but that the two had each agreed to help promote each other’s upcoming projects. The relationship was a real one, not a publicist-related setup. There was no written contract, but there was a personal agreement. Very civil and mature, right? Well, she held up her end. He didn’t… and she is furious! Not just because he bailed before her big project debuted, but because he embarrassed her in the process. There was yelling, crying, and swearing on both ends… and then vengeance. Actually, it wasn’t her directly. We found out that it was her male friend, a loyal guy who is quick to defend her in public when others are tearing her down and it wouldn’t be cool for her to do it herself. But she did know about it and approved the plan. First step: Publicly call out her ex on his being an a-hole. Second step: Broadcast his phone number so that her fans could personally tear into him. Third step: Publicly call him out on a sexually-related issue. Fourth step: Threaten to release a sex tape. This is one ugly breakup, my friends, and no one is smiling about how this is playing out!

Couple: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth
Male Friend: Cheyne Thomas


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