This permanent A list mostly movie actor is a multiple Oscar nominee/winner.

Over the past few years he has become paranoid that he is being watched by the government.

Not just the US government, but other world governments too.

Because of this, he refuses to speak on the phone and doesn’t want to be in any room with any phones that are present or at least on.

Obviously, this makes it very difficult to communicate with him. His assistant is called and gets the message.

Then, leaves their phone in one room and enters a different room to talk to the actor.

The assistant gets the answer and goes back into the other room and calls the person back.

This can go back and forth forever.

It is especially tough on sets of movies and everyone has to make sure their phones are locked away at all times.

Our actor refuses to do any scenes that involve phones, even if they are completely fake and also refuses to do any scenes involving food because he thinks he may be poisoned by one of the governments.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray’s unconventional approach to Hollywood stardom involves eschewing traditional industry trappings like agents and managers.

He values working on projects with close friends, preferring familiarity over uncertainty. Murray’s unorthodox communication style, including a toll-free number with pre-recorded messages, reflects his desire for privacy and control over his time. Despite the inconvenience to callers, Murray sees it as a necessary measure to protect his personal space. This approach hasn’t hindered his prolific career, as evidenced by recent roles in major films.

Directors like Jim Jarmusch admire Murray’s autonomy and respect his boundary-setting methods. Jarmusch appreciates Murray’s ability to maintain control over his life and career without succumbing to the pressures of fame.

Fun facts about Bill Murray

Murray is a co-owner of the minor league baseball team, the Charleston RiverDogs.

Murray has been spotted at music festivals, comedy shows, and even in the audience of talk shows, surprising both performers and audiences alike.

He once crashed a couple’s wedding reception, where he danced with the bride and guests, making the event unforgettable.

He is notorious for his unconventional methods of preparation and improvisation, often surprising directors and fellow cast members with unexpected choices.

Murray has been known to disappear from film sets for hours or even days at a time, adding an element of mystery to his working style.

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