Back in the day, Hollywood celebrities didn’t want to go overseas to get their adopted children, they wanted American babies.

They also didn’t want to wait in line or complete any paperwork.

If at all possible they also wanted a third party or even a fourth party in the middle of the whole process.

Adoption agencies tended to talk and studios would have to pay off money to keep the adoption agencies quiet about the biological parents of babies that actors and actresses were adopting. What to do.

Well, one studio decided to partner with an “adoption agency” in the south.

Only thing was that it was not a normal adoption agency.

Sure, the babies that came from them were properly documented as being adopted, but it was everything else that was not quite above board.

The babies were bought.

The agency paid the pregnant woman and then sold the baby to some Hollywood actor/actress for a profit.

A significant profit.

Sometimes they would buy a baby for $500 and sell the baby for as much as $10,000.

Anyway, there was this actor who was probably B list back in Old Hollywood.

He also wrote a bunch of songs.

A bunch as in several hundred so he was a singer/songwriter too.

He specialized in Westerns and even had a lot of other talents that made him money.

He volunteered a lot with children but after the third or fourth parent complained about his touching their kids, he decided to find a different way to get kids.

He found this agency through a very good friend of his who was an A+ list mostly movie actress.

The next thing you know, our actor bought five kids over the years, all of them molested and abused throughout their entire childhood.

Our actor died at a relatively young age and it is said one of his kids killed him.

Smiley Burnette

A+ list actress: Joan Crawford


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