2 blinds in a row

Usually this one named closeted permanent A list singer goes to a hotel when he is going to hook up with another guy. He feels like he can control the situation more. / Apparently an executive was fired from this very very very large company for making sure this former commercial model turned reality star/yachter was hired. Yes, there had been a casting couch.

Actually it was more than just molesting.

This foreign born former A+ list tweener is debating whether to reveal that his former mentor who he used to call a dad also molested by the former tweener turned singer. Actually it was more than just molesting. And yeah, he should because that guy is in a position to do a lot more damage to people.

Does she not have Google?

Apparently this B-/C+ list celebrity of a B- list celebrity offspring is having unprotected sex with the one named herpes king who happens to be a permanent A list singer.

They are all about getting these teens under their control

There is an interesting dynamic going on in the music world right now. Sick and disgusting, but interesting in how it divides. Apparently if you are a follower of this one named permanent A list singer, and by a follower, I mean attend his parties, work with his producers and guest talent, then that means you are more of a lover of underage boys. This whole group is dedicated to finding young male talent and then "developing" them.

3 blinds in a row

The coke use is ravaging the youth of this former reality star turned A- list mostly television actress who stars on a hit network show. / Producers of this award show are concerned enough about the stability of this A list singer / There is no way this one named permanent A list singer is handing over anything medical related so there is going to be a massive check written in the next few weeks to make this all go away.