11 10, 2021

The cast and crew have been annoyed this week

The cast and crew have been annoyed this week that it takes often as long as two hours for this alliterate reality star to get out of the makeup an clothes she wore solely to get photographed in on the way to the set, and then get into makeup and clothing for rehearsals.

28 09, 2021

He did not take it well.

This A list mostly movie actor from an acting family who has been acting since he was young and is an Oscar winner/nominee, was all set to host this late night show and was bumped by the alliterate reality star. He did not take it well.

25 05, 2021

Gross: The cake was indeed served later to the unaware network people

It's not an exaggeration that the original cast and crew of this long running show everyone knows that has launched a million careers at the beginning had a contentious relationship with the network they were on. They were just becoming a sensation and the network was not ready for many of their ideas for the show, their behavior and all that went along with it. This A lister who created this show and is still associated with it arranged a lunch to cool tensions.

29 04, 2021

No coke policy

This long long long long time showrunner has in a place a no coke policy, but apparently is willing to break it to allow the celebrity CEO to appear on the show.

11 04, 2021

I bet you don’t even show up.

Even though this late night actress is a hardcore celebrity cult member, and gives a ton of money to them and believes in every thing they do whether it is forced abortions, child labor, children separated from their families, and a variety of other things that she throws her dollars towards. How come then she deleted her social media presence just when people/fans/reporters wanted to start asking questions. Oh, I get it.