4 05, 2021

He is dating a meth addict

This celebrity offspring is probably B+/B. All of you know him because of his parents. He is trying to make it seem as if he is going after this A- list singer, but that is to cover for the fact he is dating a meth addict who also sells it.

30 03, 2021

The Winter Of Discontent

The title is much more dramatic than the actual blind. I just wanted to use it and realized it is almost spring, so now or never. Over the fall and winter, this A+ list mostly movie actor feels as if he were used, much the same way he uses the women who are not his wife. In his case, he feels used by those higher on the food chain.

18 05, 2020

She wants her new song to be the We Are The World moment of this crisis

This B/B- list actress singer, who no one normally pays all that much attention to is in the spotlight and is being asked to do her part to support her A+ list actor husband as savior of the world. She wants her new song to be the We Are The World moment of this crisis and programming directors are being told to play it even though she has never really had any luck with radio airplay ever.

15 05, 2019

2 blinds in a row

This permanent A+ list mostly movie actor with multiple Academy Award wins/nominations is married, but spent some time last weekend with a 20 something year old he met while his wife was working. / The return last night would never have been possible during the reign of this actress/writer/producer who starred on the same show forever. She made/makes you choose sides as to whether you were against the actor or with the actor. If you were/are with him, you were/are shunned by her.

30 12, 2016

It looks like there’s not going to be some big fat wedding to look forward to

This show biz family is trying to play it like their son’s illegitimate child is a welcome addition. However, nobody seems to be able to keep their stories straight! The son initially admitted that it was a drug-fueled one-night stand. Publicists later coached sites to call the baby the product of a “long-term relationship.” They’re just “no longer together.” Right. Either way, it looks like there’s not going to be some big fat wedding to look forward to.

5 01, 2014

If anyone out there does know why she treats service people so badly, tell us about it!

This actress is half of a married celebrity couple. He is a much bigger star than she, and most of the films from which you remember her probably starred her husband and featured her in a much smaller role. With that discrepancy in fame, there must be something that attracted him to her in the first place. Is she extraordinary beautiful? No. Extraordinarily nice? Definitely not! She is especially nasty to people in the service industry, especially retail clerks and waiters. During a recent lunch at a well-known Hollywood restaurant, the server didn’t understand one of her complicated orders and asked for clarification.