This celebrity offspring is probably B+/B.

All of you know him because of his parents. He is trying to make it seem as if he is going after this A- list singer, but that is to cover for the fact he is dating a meth addict who also sells it.

Chet Hanks

Parents: Tom Hanks,  Rita Wilson

Going after: Lizzo

After Declaring It ‘White Boy Summer,’ Chet Hanks Is Now Shooting His Shot With Lizzo

In his latest attempt to break into the rap scene, Chet Hanks, son of legendary actor Tom Hanks, officially declared it “White Boy Summer” in his new music video of the same name. There’s weed, twerking, and something called the “Chet Walk” that he’s trying to make a thing. But also in the video, Hanks simultaneously declared it “Black Queen Summer.” And he’s apparently very serious about it because he attempted to shoot his shot with Grammy winner Lizzo.

The “Truth Hurts” singer, probably unintentionally, got the ball rolling when she slid into the DMs of actor Chris Evans and got a response. It appears that Chet Hanks was hoping for a similar result. Per The Shade Room, Hanks posted Lizzo’s thirsty TikTok on his Instagram stories with the caption, “If it don’t work out w/ captain America im here baby WBS BQS.” Hanks has some pretty high confidence to think Lizzo might consider him over Captain America, but there’s no word yet if she even responded.

I’m actually pretty convinced that Chet Hanks has a thing for Lizzo, or otherwise seeks to mimic the viral response that she is a magnet for. He shot his shot for her, after Lizzo did so first for Chris Evans – to the delight of Marvel and music fans alike. Now, a few weeks after Lizzo hilariously declared it “Ass Crack Summer” in a series of raunchy Instagram pics, Hanks seemingly attempted to bank off of that and redeclare it “White Boy Summer.” – Source

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