22 05, 2021

Sheltering Home From Lawsuits?

When I get information best used as a blind item, I consider many things including whether or not I want to put negative information out about the person or persons involved. I originally passed on this blind item mostly because it didn’t make that much sense. But nothing is making sense on this franchise lately so here we go. This couple with multiple steady income streams purchased a new home a while back and took out a traditional mortgage for about 70% of the purchase price. That seemed excessive to me at the time. But the weird part is that they recently took out a second mortgage with a private lender at a high interest rate to up their debt on the house up to close to 100%. This makes no sense.

5 10, 2018

The layer of the stinking onion are just now coming to light

This B+ list reality star from multiple shows on the same network loves to show off his very expensive lifestyle and his more famous reality wife is the same way. He isn't showing it, but the B+ lister might have to sell off a significant part of his company to stay afloat because of some very shady deals he has pulled off.

3 12, 2016

Pristine facade remains intact

This reality wife’s marriage might look like perfection — but the wedded bliss came at a price. Her husband was busted cheating with a co-worker, and the scandalous discovery was met by a scheme to cover the dirty deed. The wife has an image to protect, so her cheating husband cracked open his wallet to pay for his mistake.

7 04, 2014

What was in the envelope?

This Real Housewife (Not Miami or Atlanta, because no one cares) finally got confirmation of her husband's long rumored wandering peen. Once she had the proof, ever the dutiful wife, she packed up his clothes, after shredding them to ribbons, of course. Then had a messenger bring her husband an envelope where he was working. What was in the envelope? I patch of leather she carved out of the seat of his most prized car and a note that she knew, and it was over.

29 10, 2013

Everything goes through him and him alone

This Real Housewife has been up for some pretty meaty acting gigs, despite her reputation being less than stellar as far as keeping her shit together and actually being able to work. She wants to work, and should work, but her family keeps on sabotaging her along the way. For whatever reason, they do not want her financially independent ever again. Another Real Housewife, from a different franchise, heard from a mutual friend what was happening to her, and quietly intervened