24 10, 2020

External affairs

This foreign born A- list network host who is no secret to internal affairs, is married and also having external affairs.

10 05, 2020

New person to protect.

The enabler in chief who helped the former morning anchor sail through a decade or more of sexual assaults and bad behavior continues to work that magic, just from a different perch and with a new person to protect.

31 01, 2020

She is not happy about it.

The disgraced former morning news anchor wants to make it seem as if he is dating someone appropriate. So, the former intern he hooks up with all the time has to stay in the shadows. She is not happy about it.

3 11, 2019

3 blinds in a row

That former hated A+ list reality star who all of you still know thought the vials of coke being passed out at her party as treats was a brilliant idea. OK. / This media company continues everyday to stick up for the disgraced news anchor/rapist. / It looks like the royal married to the man closer to the throne discovered who has been leaking to the other side so to speak, and fired them.

26 01, 2019

They are convinced she was one of the main leakers

This network was looking for any excuse to push this anchor for several of their shows out the door. They are convinced she was one of the main leakers of stories about the disgraced morning guy she used to share a bed with together while both were married to other people.