That former hated A+ list reality star who all of you still know thought the vials of coke being passed out at her party as treats was a brilliant idea. OK.

Paris Hilton

This media company continues everyday to stick up for the disgraced news anchor/rapist.


Matt Lauer

It looks like the royal married to the man closer to the throne discovered who has been leaking to the other side so to speak, and fired them.

Kate Middleton

Sophie Agnew

Kate Middleton fires loyal aide after return from honeymoon amid split from Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Cambridge has made one of her most loyal aides redundant.

Sophie Agnew, 32, worked for Kate Middleton for seven years and the lay-off is said to have left her friends and family shocked.

The timing of the redundancy is said to have confused palace insiders with one source revealing that Sophie had only just got back from her honeymoon after marrying insurance company director Stuart Hill.

Another source claimed the role had been made redundant as a consequence of Wills and Kate’s “Fab Four” split from Harry and Meghan Markle.

A friend told the Daily Mail: “Sophie worked so hard for Kate, she loved her job and made a lot of sacrifices.

“Everyone’s been really shocked because it was so unexpected. It seems like extreme cost-cutting.”

Like her former employer, Sophie is a St. Andrews history of art graduate and while working for Kate was put in charge of her personal assistants.- Source

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