18 09, 2021

It is disturbing.

Despite there being half-siblings in the family, they loathe them. They only want to procreate with the same dad no matter how many children they have with others or despite them also being with other people. It is disturbing.

19 06, 2021

Red carpet

This A list rapper might have hit a red carpet with the alleged billionaire reality star, but he was hitting/smashing/hooking up with someone else a day prior.

18 05, 2021

Recent revelation

This recent revelation means that at least five celebrities have slept with two of the reality sisters and at least one has slept with three.

7 04, 2021

She exposed her DMs

This alliterate offspring of foreign born A listers who made their fame in different areas of the entertainment world, just got a tattoo of his insanely wealthy girlfriend. Apparently he is also one of the spotlighted people who messaged the foreign born 1.5 hit wonder.

24 03, 2021

If you believe they do, it is on you.

No matter how they spin it or who they spin it too, the reality family look awful, just like always. Everyone already knows that no one in the family actually donates anything they promise to do. If you believe they do, it is on you.

30 12, 2020

Don’t forget the root of all your fame

It is next level shove it in their faceness/let them eat cake, when this now former A- list reality star with a lucrative side gig shows off pricey bauble after pricey bauble on their social media during a pandemic and at the end of each post wants you to swipe a link so they can get even more. Don't forget the root of all your fame is because your older sibling made a se.x tape with the son of the woman she had stolen a credit card from and charged over six figures.