The reason she is suing in the first place is

Good news and bad news for the model/B-/C+ list actress suing for her rightful money. The reason she is suing in the first place is because her serial cheater boyfriend is supporting his lifestyle through her bank account.

She doesn’t want to make that official quite yet.

This actress/model/former beating victim of the A list singer apparently caught her current boyfriend/former athlete doing what he does best, which is cheating, and he is out the door. She doesn't want to make that official quite yet. Why not? It will happen again.

When he was gone, she begged him back.

She left him because he cheated and she decided he wasn't the guy to get serious with. When he was gone though, she begged him back. Looking back at who she was in a relationship with for years, it is pretty obvious she doesn't make the best decisions when it comes to men. This B- list actress who is somehow also an Emmy nominee/winner is going to suffer some heartbreak with the serial cheating former athlete.

She wanted exclusive and he didn’t.

Don't believe the hype. This former A list NFL player turned meh player who probably won't get a job split with the former celebrity turned actress on shows you have never watched because she wanted exclusive and he didn't. He also wanted threesomes every night and she didn't.

He is also cheating on her.

I was glad to see that this former A list NFL player who is meh now got dumped by the woman who stuck by him for so long through all his cheating. Now, with a reduced income and not a ton of prospects he is hooking up with this celebrity/actress/yachter in hopes of landing a reality show. He is also cheating on her.

She was trying to arrange them being in the same place so there would be some sort of public fight.

When this troubled musician split with his girlfriend, everyone assumed it was because he was cheating and/or doing drugs and/or being abusive. After all, he does have that history. She starting dating another musician. Feuds are a staple in the music world, so you would think that her new man would like the fact that it made it look like he had taken something that had belonged to a rival.